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Development Toolkit
• 3D ~ Maya, 3DS Max, Mudbox, Zbrush: General AAA Pipeline Workflow
• 2D ~ Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
• High-poly modelling, Low-poly modelling, Scripting Shaders and Effects
• Development ~ , Unity/PlayMaker, UnrealED 2, 3 & 4, idTech 3 & 4, Virtools Dev
• Visual Scripting in Playmaker for Unity, Kismet knowledge, Unreal Material Editor experience

Professional Experience

Hit Point Studios - Jan 2013 - Present

Art Contractor, UI/UX Design, VFX Artist
Color Blast AR
Character Modeling/Animation, Technical Art
Kody Kapow: Village Defender
Character Animation Director, Character Animator, Environment/VFX Art
Nominated for Featured App by Google Play Awards
Crayola Worlds: Color Blaster (AR/Tango)
Character Animation Direction, Modeling/Animation, Technical Art
PlayMaker Consultant/Gameplay Systems Engineer
Disney Fairies
Object/Environment Art
Seaside Getaway
Object/Environment Art
Monster Launcher (iOS, Android)
Responsible for UI art and UX design.across the project
Created realtime 2D and 3D VFX to match existing character art and theme
(web, iOS, Android

Character Art and Animation, Character Animation Direction (outsource liaison).
UI art and UX design.across various projects.
Created realtime 2D and 3D VFX to match existing character art and theme.
Created content for bi-monthly game updates, including pre-rendered, isometric sprites (Flash version), and low-poly real-time models.

Knowledge Matters Inc. - Jun 2013 - Present
Art Contractor
Virtual Training Suites (4 released projects, PC, web, html5)
Modeled, textured, rigged and animated a suite of characters with modular components for customizable assets

Modeled and textured multi-scale, modular environment assets
Produced multi-angle isometric renders for existing 2D/HTML5 engine
Created and maintained asset library

PBnGames Inc - Feb 2013 - Dec 2014
Co-founder, Principle Developer
Jade's Ups and Downs(iOS, Web, Android, Windows, OSX)
Created environment, character, UI and VFX content
Coded full project in Unity
Jade's Alpha-Blast! (iOS, Web, Android, Windows, OSX)
Designed and coded full project in Unity
Created environment, character, UI and VFX content

Digital Eclairs- Aug 2012 - Oct 2012
Contract Art Director
XnO (iOS)
• Modeled and Animated 3 main characters + over 50 sub-characters
• Functioned as a point of communication for all team members to coordinate and unify art style
• Polished and implemented all art assets to achieve a cohesive look and feel

Turbine Entertainment - Sept 2008 - Apr 2011
World Builder/Environment Artist Lord of the Rings Online (Lotro) (PC)
Lotro-Mines of Moria
•  Designed and constructed dungeon/instance environments using proprietary tools.
•  Performed end-user art/tool pipeline evaluation.
Lotro-Siege of Mirkwood
•  Created, textured and implemented environment assets.
•  Designed, constructed and assisted with look and feel of region.
•  Generated new user tutorials and tools documentation for ease of training .
Lotro-Ride of the Grey Company (Enedwaith, Free-to-play)
•  Concepted, designed and assisted in driving art direction for new region.
•  Created, textured and implemented environment assets.
•  Assisted in design and creation of quest flow, player towns, and region-specific critical path.
•  Assisted with implementation and evolution of main studio art pipeline and process.
•  Assisted in training interns and new employees focusing on efficiency and information retention.

InXile Entertainment Apr 2006 - Sept 2007
Environment Artist/Environment Designer
(all platforms) (cancelled)
•  Created and textured "next-gen" environment assets.
•  Created and implemented physics assets, special effects for destructible props.
•  Created environment layouts for missions utilizing given gameplay mechanics.
•  Scripted simple kismet sequences for events.

Electronic Arts Apr 2005 - Dec2005
3D Artist Godfather (all platforms)
•  Modeled, Textured and Rigged props, weapons and for gameplay and cinematic use
•  Textured in-game characters for variation.
•  Previewed, exported and integrated real-time cinematics into game environments.

Vidiator Technology Feb 2005 - Apr 2005
Creative Artist
•  Created concept art for characters, settings.
•  Modeled, textured, rigged and characters with facial morph targets for use in Vidiators Face Station facial motion capture system.
•  Implemented characters into real-time and pre-rendered 3D mediums for portable content.
•  Assisted in design of character customization system for end-user content creation.

Atomic Blue 2004 - 2005
2D/3D Artist PlaneShift (PC)
•  Acted as 2D/3D Artist and Primary Environment Designer for the Massive Online open-source game.
•  Designed, modeled and textured environments and props for the online RPG genre.
•  Textured, rigged and animated player-characters.
•  Coordinated designs and assets with a large, multinational team.

Enemy Technology 2002 - 2003
2D/3D Artist & Environment Designer I of the Enemy (PC)
•  2D artwork for Real Time Strategy game
•  Designed environments and digitally hand painted tiles for 2D RTS engine
•  Created Units, buildings, landscape props, special effects, menu backdrops and animated company logo
•  Painted and applied texture mapping to existing models for pre-rendered cinematic animations
•  Awarded “Top 10 Indie Game” and “Sound Award” for 2004 by Game Tunnel ( ), as well as the “Golden Star Award” from Bytten ( )

Sony Electronics 2000 - 2002
Creative Engineer CLIE Handheld Project (defunct)
•  Part of the US Sony CLIE Development and Localization team.
•  Related responsibilities include device GUI design, Graphic CD design, Install CD GUI Design and layout, and third party games testing.
•  Device Concepts and design - Device GUI design -PGPocket, MSInterface, MSGate, and CLIE Paint
•  Installation CD design - created art content for US Installation CDs, interface layout.
•  Other responsibilities including team lead for accessories, interactive media consultant, internal device training engineer and support liaison. 

Electronic Arts 1998
Games Tester
•  Tested with a team of 6 people on NASCAR 99 for the N64
•  Contributed design concepts and feedback while testing for bugs and product quality

Oak Technology 1997
Games and Hardware Tester
•  Tested Oak Technology's developmental 3D video card with current 3D interactive titles and against other competing hardware (product cancelled)


Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games and Animation 2006-2008
• Attended independent classes, seminars, and tutorials on Visual Art, Technical Art, Animation, Visual Composition and Art Direction, Real-Time Content Creation Techniques, and various applications training (Maya, ZBrush, 3DS Max,)

Cogswell Polytechnical College 1996 - 2000
•  Bachelors of Arts in Computer-Video Imaging with concentration in Game Design (Fall 2003)
•  Training in 2D and 3D Digital Art, Game Development, 2D and 3D Animation, Special Effects Composition, Film Editing and Web Development
•  Focus in Game Design and Development with emphasis on Level Design and production.

Game Developers Conference 1998 - Current
•  Six Year Conference Attendee and Associate
•  Attended classes, seminars, and tutorials on game and artistic design

Extra Curricular

Pioneer Valley Game Developers 2016 - Ongoing
• Website upkeep, Volunteer Event Coordinator

Student Mentoring 2017 - Ongoing
• Providing mentoring in game development career paths and skill building to students at Smith University, Hampshire College and several Holyoke high schools.









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